Lots going on and much in planning. The book is going nicely, I have a few more strips to format, and extra bonus content to organize and lay out. Can’t wait to get this thing to the printer and in your hands. Something to finally use with all those bookmarks you’ve been collecting over the years!

As many of you may be aware, I have made Mammoth Press LLC more publically known. In fact, I have decided Mammoth Press is the main umbrella studio name I use for all my art and design work, including but not limited to Potbelly Mammoth. I’m currently updating everything, but you can follow Mammoth Press LLC on Facebook, and at www.mammothpressllc.com for more info. Have a personal project you want done? Art commission, maybe? Nate@mammothpressllc.com ┬áis the best way to reach me!

Also, you can see me with Potbelly Mammoth and Mammoth Press at RUBLECON, here in Springfield MO at the Ozark Empire Fair Grounds, E-Plex on July 15-16. I’ll have more infor in the dates section to the left shortly. Hope to see you there!